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The wiki about Hivestuck, a new fanadventure created by Rose Gibbs (AKA Pinipy) and inspired by the best web-comic in the world: Homestuck,  which was created by the one and only Andrew Hussie!

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What's new on the Hivestuck Wiki

January 18 - UPDATES!!!

Yay. So I am in Thailand, however I am trying my best to do these pages. I have completed one so far, and just finished the large gif for the second update. Keep in mine: I am using a Desktop computer with a mouse. I only have certain times when I can use it, as it is downstairs (My dad owns a clinic and the house is upstairs and the clinic is downstairs.) Which means I can't always be on. Only when it is not open.

Stay tuned for more updates!! I'm almost done the pesterlog.

January 7 Comic on hold?

I will be going to Thailand on the 9th and might stay for the year... I haven't been able to do any work on the Wiki or comic due to technology and internet bans. I may or  may not have internet or my laptop when I go. If I don't I won't be able to do the comic until I get it back, because all my pages are on my laptop.

January 7 - Kids, Trolls and Ancestor spots open!

All comics need characters, right? Well then, you can now submit your own characters to be in the comic! To do so, simply visit the Submit Character page, review the guidelines and include:

FULL BIO, with Lusus, Planet etc.

Sprite, and all parts used so I can sprite it for the comic,

And a Talksprite.

Once you have submitted that, I will pick the ones I like most, and I will add it to the OFFICIAL character list :)

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